Monday, March 22, 2010

For those who engage in reckless endangerment on the highway and get caught, AMP will take the sting out of your SuperSpeeder ticket with a reward!

Just bring proof of your illegal activity.

Jeremy Porter, who has promoted the track as a wholesome, family oriented and a respectful addition to the community approved a marketing campaign that hit multiple racing venues offering drivers who were caught breaking the law a reward at his track.
This new marketing is more in line with AMP's use of Grey Goose Vodka models in its promotions than it is with the originally presented wholesome family fun racing facility located on a small two lane residential country road.

To read more about AMP's superspeeder reward:

11 Alive News recently spoke with Jeremy Porter on the concept
To watch the 11 Alive video, go to the following link. There may be an introduction commercial, the video interview will follow.

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Pictures of the Atlanta Motorsports Park site on Duck Thurmond 3/20/10